The black experience in a white environment was designed to share the perspective, and experiences, of living in "Low Minority Communities."

The “African American” experience while living in a predominantly Caucasian environment can be a challenging and complex one. Hello and welcome to this blog. This blog was created as a way of coping with the everyday challenges many African Americans endeavor to endure. From navigating microaggressions in social setting, to feeling like an outsider. As, African Americans we often face unique obstacles in environments with a low minority demographic communities, and urban communities . Our articles inspires to cover a plethora of topic related to the African American's experiences from current events, historical statistic, to lived experiences. Our goals for this blog (1.) share some of the challenges of interacting in communities spaces, employment spaces, educational system, housing system and everyday life engagements including child rearing in those milieus. (2.) Utilize this blog as a safe space to engage in healthy dialogue about unconscious biases, systemic biases and systemic racism. We encourage our reads to share their experiences as well.

Please feel free to contact us with questions, suggestion, or topic ideas.